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Mobile Website Design is Taking Nostalgia Into New Places for 2016

It is no longer the time where mobile web development is the future of web design. It is the present, and it is right here dominating the discussion. Mobile design is different from a website application developer for the desktop. There are even companies that are using a mobile website design in Bucks County as their main design, or not using a desktop oriented design at all. Considering how massive mobile searching is, no one can really blame them.

Though mobile website design in Bucks County is the way of the future, it seems to be a little stuck in the past in 2016. Independent film can display this on its sleeve. One of the biggest indie films of the past few years has been Kung Fury, a film so deeply entrenched in 80’s references that it becomes the entire gimmick. It’s all about explosions, crooked cops, and really big cell phones. Its also very spacey- quite literally.

Mobile design is becoming a little nostalgic in 2016. There are a lot of developers using space imagery and excessively bright (and sometimes non-matching) colors for a whole new look in the design. Space imagery includes stars, galaxies, swirling colors, and shapes on the moon. It is 80’s vintage, fitted with glow-in-the-dark stars and everything in between.

Nostalgia has always been a driving force, and hardly a trend on its own. There are designers using the past to blatantly create their present projects. Video games of the 80’s were highly pixilated. Every pixel could be seen. Nowadays, the pixels are still there. But, the presentation is high enough to hide them.

There is a whole trend of game designers intentionally using pixilated visuals to convey that sense of nostalgia that seems pulled right out of the 80’s releases of Super Mario Bros. The same can be said for web design. The images in the home page are often pixilated, which is a very classic design approach. It gives the design a little bit of character- something more than the basic minimalism used everywhere else. Mobile web design is changing rapidly due to its explosion. There are always new ways to say and display the same basic ideas, and that continues on in 2016.